Saturday, April 27, 2013

Difference Between Fear and Respect

Fear and respect are two different emotion of human. Fear means to be afraid of someone while respect is to admire someone. So it is clear that these two words are two different feeling that one can feel for people. We can easily differentiate these two emotions. When we fear we are threatened, we tend to have negative feeling for that person and we try to avoid that person as much as possible. But when we respect someone we love to be around that person. We are not afraid to share our view with that person. We are free to be ourselves when we are around the person we respect.

Respect is something that we earn but fear is forced upon us. The feeling of respect may be mutual but fear can never be mutual between two people. Respect is something that can be earned which develops our personality and broadens the knowledge level leading us to the glory. On the other hand, Fear is something that is created in us which depends on how we react or handle things. It is something we are afraid of, which never boosts up the feeling to know about something even if it is good.

We fear those who are capable of harming us. Like we are afraid of the terrorist because we fear that we will be harmed by them. We respect the great people like mother Teresa because of her good deeds and are always inspired to be like her. We evaluate and consider the ideas, values, feelings, thoughts of the person we respect. But we cannot stand the only feeling of the person we fear. The feeling of respect is something that can be earned with the calm and well-mannered behavior and fear can be regarded as the terrific feeling inside the person which can be exploited everywhere at any place.

Respect is something that we learn to earn or give to those who deserve it. It involves regard for moral worth. Respect is not earned by making people fear us but it is earned by showing compassion. Sometimes people may respect someone in fear. But that respect does not involve real feelings or compassion. This respect is temporary and continues as long as the fear lasts.  Lord Buddha was respected by all because of his compassion not because anyone was frightened of him. He showed his love to even his critics and his haters.

Fear and Respect are very similar feelings but these cause a very different impacts upon people as fear leads to destruction as respect always helps in building the personality of the person. Respect is always associated with attraction as the respect to someone/something attracts us to be more curious and understand its importance and values. Fear is a pure emotion as it is simply the recognition that someone or something has the potential to harm you, and nothing more. It does not involve the complex mix of attraction and avoidance that respect does. It simply makes people want to get away from the object of fear as soon as possible.

Fear and Respect are different as well as similar to each other. Hence they are always mistaken for each other. Fear is something that we feel since we were born. Respect is something we earn. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Differences between Confidence and Arrogance

It is very common when people people address someone as arrogant or confident. People often misinterpret arrogance with confidence. There is a very distinct border between these nouns which people often overlook and consider a confident person arrogant. 

Confidence and arrogance are two completely different personality trait of a person. Confidence is the belief within oneself or other people which we develop only when we have a complete knowledge or when we have a full trust on others knowledge. But arrogance doesn't need knowledge. It is a pride that one has for herself/himself and when one overlooks other people’s skill or knowledge and think highly about themselves.

Confidence is something which we feel about us but arrogance is something that others may feel about us. For instance we have confidence even when we are alone doing our work but we are not arrogant until we have someone else around us. So, our arrogance is felt by others whereas our confidence is felt by ourselves.

As mentioned earlier there is a distinct border between confidence and arrogance which is ego. A confident person will not have an ego problem but an arrogant person will. He/she will exaggerate their skills and ability and are always ready to show off. 

Arrogance and confidence can be distinguished by the behavior of a person. Confident person are inspiring and makes us feel good about them but arrogant person are uninspiring and make us develop a negative feeling about them. Arrogance can be considered as a behavior of a person when they feel they are more important than other people, so they are rude or do not consider others. Confidence is a belief on own ability to do things successfully and the trust in others too. Arrogance shows behaving in a proud way which is not found in confidence. Arrogant character reflects upon no any thoughts for others but only think about themselves. But confident character has a very bright view upon others and can analyze and interpret others ideas in a positive way.

So, from overall description it is clear that these two emotions of human beings are way different from each other. These emotion lead the direction in our life. Confidence leads to the understanding of the certain areas of self –strength, accepting the weakness or faults with grace and implementing effective ways to correct them whereas arrogance leads to the downfall of one’s personality in the eyes of other people as well as in life as arrogant people cannot accept their mistakes and go on praising about themselves however wrong they may be.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Roles that I play everyday

As I am the part of my family and the society, it is very important to play different roles each day as per the requirements. I start playing different roles according to the circumstances since I open my eyes in the morning and it continues till I go the bed late at night. The roles that I play each day, defines the way I see things and the environment I live in. So here are the roles that I must play each day to fit myself to the surrounding.

Role of a Son:
Since I am the only son in my family, it is my greatest responsibility to meet the expectations of my parent. At the moment I live with my mother as my other family members are abroad. So it is my utmost duty to make her feel good and happy. I help her in household works as much as I can; listen to whatever she has to say and share my views with her. At the end of the day when I see her happy I get overwhelmed to be the reason behind her happiness.  But sometimes I get very annoyed by the way she behaves with me. At times she completely forgets that I am a 19 year old boy and start giving me instructions like a 5 year old kid; and this gets to my nerves. But soon I realize that she is doing all this because of her infinite love for me. So I keep quiet and listen to her like an obedient baby.

Role of a friend:
When I am not with my family, then I am definitely with my friends painting my life with the colors of joy, excitement and freedom. I am never sure how I have to act when I am playing the role of a good friend. It is never the same. Sometimes I jump with excitement in their happiness and sometimes when something bad happens with them, I wipe out their tears with one hand and mine with another. Being a good friend of someone means a lot to me. It feels good when they share me every feelings and secrets of their without any hesitation. And those secrets remain zipped in my heart forever, protected by the strong lock of trust that no hammer can ever break.

Role of a student:
As I am in my learning phase of my life, it is very essential to be always open for gaining knowledge. I always try to give out my best in every subject. I am always passionate about getting involved in mass discussion while studying. I respect my teachers and expect for the good response in return. For me it is like winning a battle when my teachers praise me or even call me by my name in front of my friends. When I am in my classroom or in the library with a book in front of me, the vibes of knowledge in the air drives me crazy and always inspires me to work harder; to get the most out of things.

Role of a human being:
This is the role that I have to play every moment of my life without any distinctions. As I am an able man with all my senses working, I always try to give out something to society. Either it may be a small donation to needy or a small support to some social organization, I always urge to be a part of society. I behave nicely with all the people that I come to face with everyday whether they may be well known or completely strange to me.

And at the end it does not matter how many roles I play each day but all that matters is how well I performed them. If I perform my every part pretty well till the end of the day then only my existence as a social being makes some sense.

In the words of William Shakespeare:
All the worlds a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits, and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts. (Shakespeare, n.d.)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Personality Test

My Personality type: “Determined Realist”
Practical, traditional and organized. Likely to be athletic. Not interested in theory or abstraction unless they see the practical application. Have clear visions of the way things should be. Loyal, hard-working and likes to be in charge. Exceptionally capable in organizing and running activities. “Good citizens” who value security and peaceful living.

Careers that would fit me
Military, business administrators, managers, police/detective work, judges, financial officers, teachers, sales representatives, government workers, insurance agents, underwriters, nursing administrators, trade and technical teachers.

I fall under the category of extroverted type of people who give preference for the outer world and their own action and effect on it. I gather information by focusing on facts within information.
I make my decisions by using logic, consistency, objective, analysis and process driven conclusions. I use my head and not my heart most of the times to make decisions. I organize, plan, control and decide clear firm actions and responses in dealing with the world. Thus I have the ability to be relatively quick while making decisions.

Renowned Persons with similar personality types:
  • Andrew Jackson, American president
  • Bette Davis, actress
  • Elliot Ness, prohibition agent
  • George W. Bush, American president
  • Grover Cleveland, American president
  • James Monroe, American president
  • John D. Rockefeller, industrialist and philanthropist
  • Lyndon B. Johnson, American president
  • Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart
  • William Henry Harrison, American president
My reaction to the test:
I am really astonished to see that this test really showed my personality type as it is. I always try to move on with the pace of the changing world. I give more preference to my friends and society. I like to take some time to review upon the consequences of my decisions and try to implement them in the way no one gets offended. But I try to be relatively quick while interpreting ideas and making decisions. As a whole my personality type can be defined as determined realist who can make effective decisions based upon the required facts and logics.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Abilities to develop as a computing student

Below are the abilities that I should develop as a computing student
1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principle and theories relating to computer and computer applications
As a computing student it is a must to have a sound knowledge of computer and computer applications. A man who has done full analysis of theory as well as practical aspects of computing fundamentals can only demonstrate his knowledge and understanding in a better way. For developing such abilities a sound research followed by relative practical analysis is very essential. One must acquire a wide knowledge of computing concepts, principles and theories utilizing all the available resources like books, recent magazines, internet etc. Being updated about the recent technological advancements is another good way for gathering and demonstrating essential knowledge on computing .As a whole we must enhance our knowledge and understanding on computing so that we can uplift our ability to demonstrate the essential facts in an effective way.
2. Operate computing equipment, taking account of its logical and physical properties and any risk and safety aspects
When we are going to operate any computing equipment it is very necessary to know about the risks and hazards and take safety measures beforehand. The good knowledge of logical and physical aspects of computing equipment only can minimize the workplace accidents. A sound research must be done before operating any equipment and we must do practical works in the supervision of our teachers during our early phases. Slowly and gradually after we acquire good knowledge on physical and logical aspects along with its practical assist we can develop the ability to operate computing equipment safely minimizing all the possible risks.